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\(OUO)/ Thank you guys for the help! <3 I now closed the poll since I've got 19 people that have responded. This will help me a lot in my assignment. But before I go and work on my infographic, you can view the results there - - -> https://lafayel.typeform.com/report/MfELVL/NLSX

I'll post my infographic once I finish it. I'll try to make it super spiffy.

I'm sorry but thank you to you too for whoever responded to the online poll here on lj. :)
In my, Digital Storytelling class, we have to create an infographic and I decided to make a poll about what people like the most (either dogs or cats). I know my topic is pretty generic but I didn’t want to pick something too complicated. If any of you wish to take this poll, it will be much appreciated. I need at least 15 or more people to make a decent infographic. I plan on posting up my final draft on my infographic so you all (my guests/friends) will see the results of the poll.

thank you for participating in this poll! :3Collapse )

It's been brought to my attention that people can't take the poll if they don't have an lj account but I made another poll on another website. I hope this one will work. You can take it HERE.
Jun 19 12 - friends only!?

I know a few of you are probably wondering what the heck just happened. Did she delete all of her entries or what. No, I haven't deleted any of what I wrote. That would take too long and I'm probably too lazy to go through all of them and get rid of them. But seriously, I wouldn't do that. Each entry I wrote is a memory I rather keep, even if it is a sad one, I rather keep them all. Have any of you, those who do have online blogs, do any of you go through them just to go through them? I do. Sometimes when I have nothing else better to do, I go through my xanga ( a old blog I used to have ) or my lj and I go through each of my entries. I don't know but going through them all brings back the emotion I had then. Of course, I don't like the sad ones but it's somewhat refreshing to me when I do this. I don't know what you all go through if you were to do this but I think it's fun. I also always see my mistakes I have done back then or how I used to write. XD Which is funny because I almost always cringe when I see mistakes or words or even the smiles I would use in an entry. I would also say to myself when I read my entries and say to myself why I did this or that. But that is a part of me and I accept all of it. <3

Anyway, I have put this journal as a friends only journal. I will post a few of my entries up for everyone to see but not all of them. If you would like to see the rest of my entries, you can send me a pm or just comment below. I'm sorry if me putting it as friends only annoys any of you. I would just rather have it this way for now. I hope you'll understand.

But enough of that, I had a wonderful vacation. I had a lot of fun. I don't want to go into full detail because it would be too long. To make it short all I can say is that I had fun. I really needed this to bring me peace of mine. I missed my family a lot. A lot more then I thought but I'm glad I was given the chance to see their faces. Everyone has grown up so much since I last saw them. Oh gosh...this is becoming too long. XDD

Err...ok so I took a lot of photos and posted all of them ( including the videos ) to my facebook. I would post them here but I took so many that it would take a while to load. LOL! If you would like to see them, I wouldn't mind adding you to my facebook. I may even upload them to my deviantart. That place needs updating so I might do just that.
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